The beauty and elegance of any piece of clothing rests heavily on the quality of the fabric used to create it. Even, if the attention to the details and quality of the cut is outstanding, a poor choice in fabric will disintegrate the creation of a top- notch clothing. Our extensive selection offers you the most contemporary colours and patterns of the finest fabrics, from 100% cottons and linens to the pure silk, Cashmere, and Merino wool, worsted wool, all made in Italy and England, updated each season. Our fabric collection represents the top level of fineness, character, and colour for a unique and truly custom made piece and an individual choice for your wardrobe.

At John The Tailor, we carry an array of elegant and luxurious fabrics. This almost unlimited collection of exclusive fabrics consists of offerings from the world’s best fabric makers including Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil, Cerruti, Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino,Vitale Barberis Canonico, to name just a few. Our extensive collection presents the elegant and luxurious four season fabrics, selected from the finest Super 100’s through 160’s, Merino wools, cashmeres, silks, all wool, superfine worsted wool, Scottish tweeds and cashmere, French Gabardines, flannels ,Italian pure silk and silk Mohair’s and much more, all English and Italian Fabrics.

Luxurious wool is a perfect and a natural choice for all-season wear. In fashion, style is born of cloth, and no other cloth is comparable to the character, the luxury, the style, and the comfort of pure wool worsted fabrics… an ideal and a natural choice for top- notch custom tailored suits. Mid weight wool is worn all seasons in any climate, either casual or dressy, pure worsted wool fabrics are season less for comfort, value, and the quality. Worsted wool known for its natural texture, exceptional draping properties, breathability, and outstanding quality. Worsted wool, and 100% wool suiting cloth is beautiful and comfortably versatile, regards to its inherent strengths, wool drapes beautifully and retains its elegant silhouette and beauty through seasons of wearing. We select only cloths of exceptional and approved quality for our collection, in all the latest colours, patterns, waves, and texture updated each season. From our classic all-wools to our Super 160’s, our newest collection has a cloth and style to present you.